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Intro Letter

Claus’s Classroom Introduction:

Welcome to an exciting learning and career exploration opportunity for students Pre-K thru grade 12. Santa’s Village is a proud member of the community and has an ongoing interest in the partnering of the Park with students in the areas of Animal Science, Mechanical Sciences including Physics, Engineering and Math as well as STEM Program opportunities highlighting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Educational programs are age and grade appropriate and not only make learning an exciting experience but opens the student learner up to the variety of professional careers that incorporate the various educational focal points the Park offers via Claus’s Classroom. Additionally, Santa’s Village is dedicated to highlighting career pathways that students may investigate with an eye toward a future career area for themselves. Various career exploration opportunities abound in our online classroom via film clips, a guest speaker from the Park coming to your classroom or school career night and via a visit to the Park with the student physically visiting each career area and completing on-site research and reflection.

The Classroom offers three different learning opportunities and are designed for the Teacher to input data to keep materials “fresh” (answers from prior students will not be available) as well as to have a more classroom tailored approach to the lesson(s). Please contact the Director of Education directly to discuss the program you are interested in. Lessons can be specifically designed to meet your classroom needs at your request.

  1. Field Trip: Come to the Park to experience “hands on” learning opportunities. Special field trip prices apply as well as the following: a member of the Educational Team will meet your group upon arrival and work with you during your visit to ensure that you have a great classroom experience. Additionally, classroom space is available to meet with your group in a setting that lends itself well to a “chalk talk” (dry eraser board) throughout your onsite classroom day. Follow-up contact is welcomed at no additional cost whether that be by use of the video clips and problem application in your classroom or by having a member of the Educational Team visit your classroom to lead a discussion, review materials or present new concepts. Please call the Director of Education to discuss this option.
  2. Guest Speaker: Invite an Education Representative to visit your classroom and bring materials in that highlight the lesson plan you have chosen. There is no charge to have an Education Representative come to your classroom and present a lesson for/with you. Examples of materials that may be brought in to highlight a lesson plan would be various grains for feeding animals if studying animal nutrition, a motor if studying mechanics, engineering, a film clip from the Park with an accompanying guide to be completed. All the assignments available at the Park can be modified for a presentation in your classroom at your school (distance from Park a factor in availability). Please call the Director of Education to discuss this option.
  3. Park Web site: Access the Park web site ( for curriculum coordinated materials at no charge. Examples of curriculum materials include a clip of a Thrill Ride with a physics problem, a clip of an animal attraction with a nutrition or habitat problem. Please call the Director of Education to discuss specific materials you would like to use on the web site.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

Students Pre-K through fifth grade: students will begin to develop an understanding of disciplinary core ideas of the physical sciences, life sciences, earth sciences, mechanics, engineering, technology and other applications of science and math.

Students grade sixth through eighth: students will continue the development of the disciplinary core ideas of the physical sciences, life sciences, mechanics, engineering, technology and other applications of science and math. Additional focus will be on structure, function, and information processing; growth, development and reproduction of organisms, matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems, interdependent relationships in ecosystems, and natural selection and adaptations.

Students grade nine through twelve: students will continue to build upon the core ideas of prior grade level educational experiences and will make strong, sophisticated connections between prior learning experiences and the curriculum challenges at the high school level. Additionally, students may well be making career inquiries based upon the various career fields revealed via learning in the format presented by the Park. As an example of a career field the Park has educational opportunities available to students pursuing a degree as a Veterinary Technician or Veterinarian.

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