Santa and friends hold hands with children

Greetings to children of all ages!

I’ll bet you can scarcely believe your own eyes: This letter I’m writing must be quite a surprise. It’s about pointy roofs and reindeer hooves and everything in between. A special place for the young at heart and all who Believe!

Santa's Greetings to young childGoodness knows here at Santa’s Village we have been very busy getting ready for your visit! All our helpers and friends prepare each day to make the Village a magical place to be. It is so exciting that even the reindeer and all the animals are looking forward to seeing you!

As you know, Princess Tinsel-Bella will be visiting too! The Princess is the daughter of the Snow King and Snow Queen. Each day Princess Tinsel-Bella comes to Santa’s Village by the glow of the Northern Lights along the Milky Way to bring sweet treats and smiles too!

Oh, what fun it is to ride the rides! From our roller coasters to the carousel to the convoy trucks and even the legendary Snowball ride, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget the Tree House Slide! I bet your mom or dad or even your grandparents have taken a glide down the Tree House Slide.

There is a lot to see and do in the Village. Giant colorful mushrooms and toad stools dot the walkways along with beautiful flower beds and gardens. Touch the frozen North Pole, then take in a fun show! And you never know who you might meet as we have some special guests and events planned! Even Mrs. Claus might make a surprise visit every now and then.

The Christmas Season itself is very enchanting at the Village. During the Holidays, tens of thousands of lights and many displays create a warm and fuzzy feeling in the crisp air. There are special shows and entertainment too! It truly is a Magical Christmas at Santa’s Village!

Be good, my friends, and always remember to do your best, be kind to everyone and animals too. Keep your toys picked up and keep your rooms clean. Help where ever you can. Do these simple things and I will always keep your name in my good book! See you soon!

Your Jolly Friend,

Santa Claus

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