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Claus' Classroom

We’re Taking Education To A Whole New Classroom!

Welcome to an exciting learning and career exploration opportunity for students, Pre-K through grade 12.

Santa’s Village is a proud member of the community and has an ongoing interest in partnering with students in the areas of Animal Science, Mechanical Science, Physics, Engineering, Math and S.T.E.A.M. program opportunities highlighting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Art.

Claus’ Classroom offers three different learning opportunities which are designed for teachers to provide input to keep materials “fresh” as well as have a more tailored approach to the lessons. Curriculum can be taught in class with a guest speaker, in class utilizing free resources from our website, or visit us in park for a day of learning outside the classroom.

Child Doing Experiment in Claus' Classroom
Some of the unique learning opportunities we offer at our park, include: 
Art / Photography

Paint or photograph the animals and rides 


Create and solve real life math applications while visiting the park 


Study the principles of physics in real life by riding our rides


Research the mechanics behind the rides and water slides 


Observe and study the habitats and feeding of the animals

Educational programs are age and grade appropriate and make learning an exciting experience! 

Career Pathways

Santa’s Village is dedicated to highlighting career pathways that students may investigate with an eye toward their future profession.
7 Teens - Group Photo
Would you like your students to study and engage with a multi-faceted business? 

Enjoy an opportunity to discover multiple professions throughout the park and discuss your passions with the staff who fill those roles at our park. 

Do you have a student who wants to be a Veterinarian?

Educational career field opportunities and internships are available for students in certain career track programs. 


For more information about Claus’ Classroom, Career Pathways, and to schedule dates, contact...

Laurel Bradley 

Director of Education

Phone: (847) 431-6331

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Santa Springs
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