Animal Attractions

Santa’s Village Amusement & Water Park is home to over 200 animals, birds, and fish. Come explore, learn, and have fun with them all!

Aussie Area

Kangaroo laying down

Home of our wallabies, the smaller cousins of kangaroos.

Frosty's Friends

child feeding animals

Come visit and feed our zebus.

Old MacDonald's Barn

child feeds animal

Visit the many species of animals housed in the barn.

Enhance your experience with a purchase of a feed cup at this location.

Reindeer Flight School

View our reindeer on the hillside overlooking Santa Springs.

Santa's Little Helpers

Muntjac eating grass

Patagonian cavys and muntjacs.

Tortoise Island

tortoise close up

Come see our friends on land & water.

Koi Pond

koi in koi pond

Full of a variety Koi Fish.

Santa's Village Dundee
Santa Springs
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