Rollercoaster riders go over hill with hands in the air

Thrill Rides

Adrenaline Seekers Experience Every Twist, Turn, and Drop!

This is a thrill seekers experience! Ride the storm on the Super Cyclone Roller Coaster; it will spin you in circles super sonic speeds in jet stream formation. Fly High on Xtreme elevation, plus take on the Tri-Nado from new heights to sudden plunges. You’ll find all the thrills you seek at Santa’s Village.

Wide shot of Super Cyclone rollercoaster ride

The All New Super Cyclone Roller Coaster

Check out our new wickedly wild and turbulently twisted storm of a ride.

No riders under 48″ – Riders 48″-52″ must be accompanied by an adult over 54″.

Woman and boy riding bumper cars

Ding ’em Dodge ’em Bumper Cars

Dodge your opponents in our fun Ding ’em Dodge ’em Bumper Cars.

No riders under 42″ – Riders 42″-54 must be accompanied by an adult over 54″

People in the air riding the Xtreme Elevation 5 ride

Xtreme Elevation

Are you brave enough? It takes 60 seconds to travel to the top, but only 3 seconds to free fall 140 feet back down to Earth.

Minimum height 48″

People ride the Tri Nado 5 ride


Are you ready for 2 Minutes of high twirling fun?

Three rotating arms that lift you up and spin you around and around! Minimum 42″ – Riders 42″-54″ must be accompanied by an adult over 54″

Children ride Mega Velocity ride

Mega Velocity

This high speed classic ride will leave you feeling a bit “scrambled” the ride includes whirling, twirling and twisting!

The rotating cars change force and directions rapidly, prepare you for a MEGA good time! Three rotating arms that spin you around and around! Riders 36″-48″ must be accompanied by an adult – No single riders – No riders under 36″

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