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Frequently asked questions to help with the planning of your next visit to Santa's Village.

How much is admission?

General admission (guests 36″ and above, regardless of age) is $25.99 per person plus tax (Monday-Thursday pricing) $27.99 per person (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays). For more information on tickets please click here. Save time & money by buying your admission tickets in advance online by clicking the button below.

Heights will be determined at the entrance booths upon arrival to the park.

What are your cleanliness and sanitization standards and procedures?

We are taking additional steps to remain proactive in enhancing our existing cleaning and sanitization procedures. Our enhanced health and safety protocols will include:

  • The placement of extra hand sanitation stations throughout the park so guests can easily and frequently sanitize their hands and family members’ hand
  • Additional training for staff members on proper hand washing and common area cleaning, with ongoing reinforcement on a regular basis.
  • Increase signage in park restrooms encouraging frequent hand washing and noting best practices
  • Defined cycles for frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas
  • Additional end-of-day sanitation procedures for restroom, kitchens and other facilities
  • Increased frequency in cleaning of ride cars, handlebars and queues
  • Communicating with staff members about illness prevention and staying home when sick

We continue to stay in contact with the appropriate government officials and health experts. We take their recommendations when additional preventive measures are deemed necessary.

How does the delayed opening, due to COVID-19, affect my 2020 Season Pass?

Your 2020 Season Pass continues to be valid for the duration of the season it was purchased for. While we will not be extending the 2020 season, all pass holders will be provided with added-value benefits to their passes. These additional benefits will be announced prior to when the park opens to the public on May 23rd.

Where can I download the App?

For Apple users, visit the App Store & Search for: SantasVillageAP: Click Here

For Google users, visit the Google Play Store & Search for: SantasVillageAP: Click Here

Can I upgrade to a Season Pass while I am at the park?

Yes, speak with a park representative at the Souvenir & Sales Center or the Exit Gift Shop to upgrade to a Season Pass.

Do the rides have any restrictions?

Restrictions are based on height and size requirements as well as health guidelines. Please follow the posted rules and instructions provided by the ride attendant and automated announcements. Illinois State Law and ride manufactures regulate accessibility. Every ride has its own specific restrictions. Please visit our Park Attractions page to view all the restrictions. Riders may be restricted on certain rides because of height, weight, or health limitations or guidelines.

Do you have a brochure I can download?

We do not have any downloadable brochures. However, information cards can be found throughout the park. To view our Park Map, Click Here

Are we allowed to bring in coolers/our own food?

You may bring in your own prepared food in a cooler not exceeding 18” X 12” X 12” at an additional cost of $5. All outside food must be contained in the cooler. Additionally, coolers with/on wheels, large coolers, grills, glass containers and outside alcohol are not allowed in the park or on premises.

What if we have Food Allergies?

Guests who suffer from sensitive or life threatening allergies may bring food into the park if they do not feel comfortable with the menu options available. In this case, the food must be limited to the individual with the allergy and may contain: two seal-able sandwich bags (7×8 inches) to accommodate their visit. One small soft-sided cooler may be brought into the park to carry these items.  No outside beverages are permitted. Guests must call 24 hours in advance to arrange their cooler band. Upon arrival, guests must check in at “Will Call” to receive their cooler band.

Do you offer any discounts for large groups?

We offer discounted rates for groups of 20 or more with advance reservations. A variety of group packages including food and beverage options are available. Please email us at or tour our group sales page for more information.

What happens when there is severe weather on the day of my visit?

Since every guest may have a different tolerance to various weather conditions, rain checks will be issued only in the case that Santa’s Village must close due to inclement weather. Rain checks are not provided to Season Pass Holders.

Does the park have a dress code?

Shirts and shoes are required throughout your entire visit at the park. No “Rollies” or “Wheelies” style shoes, wheels must be retracted or removed while in the park. No clothing or body art which Santa’s Village determines to be rude, vulgar, or contains inflammatory language or graphics. Failure to follow park rules will be subject to ejection from the park.

What am I not allowed to bring into the park?

Alcohol, weapons of any type, laser pointers, radios and/or sound emitting electronic devices, and skate shoes (Heely’s) are not permitted in the park. Locker storage is available in front of the Parakeet Paradise exhibit near Game Alley. Guests will be required to follow all regulations established by Santa’s Village, the State of Illinois, County of Kane and Village of East Dundee, Illinois.

Can my family take pictures in the park?

Yes! We encourage all guests to take as many photos as they like. No commercial photography is permitted without prior authorization from the marketing and public relations department. No cameras (video, still, cell phones, smart phones, selfie sticks, etc) are permitted at any time on any ride. By entering the park, guests grant Santa’s Village the right to film, record, video, or photograph on park property for any reason without payment or consideration. When professional photo shoots are being conducted as a courtesy we will post information in park and make in park audio announcements. Keep in mind during this time some rides and attractions may be shut down for a limited amount of time and a sign will be posted.

Can I smoke while in the park?

For the health and safety of our guests we are a smoke free park, including e-cigarettes. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all other areas of the park.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, lockers are located in front of Parakeet Paradise by Game Alley.

Do you have a First Aid/Lost Child station?

The First Aid and Lost Child Station is located at the front of the park next to Tinselbella’s. A licensed Medical Technician is on duty at all times during regular park operating hours. Should you require First Aid assistance, please see any park employee.

We suggest that at the beginning of your visit, you select a place within the park to meet if your group becomes separated. If a child is separated from you or your group, ask any employee for immediate assistance. Children appearing to be lost will be taken to the First Aid, Lost Child Station. Our wristbands have dedicated space for a phone number to be written on and we recommend that parents take advantage of this in case children wander off or get lost.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

Yes, all found items are held at the lost and found located inside the First Aid/ Lost Child Station. Please notify lost and found if you are missing an item. Ride operators and attendants are not responsible for articles left by guests at the ride stations. Please secure all loose articles before riding any rides. Santa’s Village nor its employees assume responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal property.

Can we re-enter the park after leaving?

If you wish to leave the park and re-enter on the same day, please be sure to have your wristband on to display to an entrance attendant for re-entry.

Do you have wagons I can rent?

Wagons are available for rental on a first come first serve basis at the Souvenir & Sales Center. The rental fee is $10 a day with a valid photo ID to secure your rental.

Do you have wheelchairs I can rent?

Wheelchairs are available for rental on a first come first serve basis at our Exit Gift Shop, located near the main entrance and exit gates. The rental fee is $15 a day with a valid photo ID to secure your rental.

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