Season Pass Update

2024 Season Pass Holders

Thank you for helping us activate your 2024 Season Pass before you arrive at the park this May. We have a brand new ticketing and Season Pass system for the 2024 Season.


We just need some final information to make sure that our new system is up to date ensuring a smooth entrance for you and your family. Helping with this process will save you time at the entrance with your first visit.

Who needs to send us information:

What info do we need?

Did you:

  • Upgrade in-park to a 2024 Season Pass?
  • Renew your 2023 Season Pass to a 2024 Pass?
  • Still have a plastic Season Pass Card?
  • Purchase your pass before our Christmas Sale?
  • Purchase your pass during one of the Christmas Sales?
  • Upload an incorrect photo to your Season Pass?

If you answered YES to any of these questions we need to activate/update your Season Pass.


  •           First and Last Name
  •           Photo of the Pass Holder (Please label the photo or identify it if sending info for more than one pass.)
  •       Email Address (If you want access to your online account, it must be a Microsoft Outlook email or a Gmail.)
  •          Date of Birth
  •          Phone number
  •      Zip Code

Send ALL of this info to
Once activated in the system you will receive your digital Season Pass Card. Give us some time to activate your cards, as it is not an immediate process.
Screenshot, save or print your card for easy access to the park!


We have moved to a new ticketing and Season Pass system and we want to ensure that everyone’s info is correct and up to date going into this season. 

We also use this info for communications to our Pass Holders and to secure account and to protect against misuse.

We understand people’s concerns with info being sold to third parties etc. It is only used to help communicate with our guests better, to help secure your account, and to help aid in finding your account if you lose your digital pass or ticket. We will never sell your info to a third party. 

Yes, we need the most up-to-date info. In years past things such as phone number or email have been missed on your account so we want to make sure that everything is correct moving forward. 

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