The Best Amusement Park Rides for Kids

Is your family looking for a thrill this summer? If you crave the wind in your hair and a racing heartbeat, you’ve come to the right place! This amusement park for kids is the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon. With a wide variety of rides, your whole family will have a smile on their face all day. Read on to find out the best rides for kids.

Best Amusement Park Rides for Kids

While our collection of rides range in movement and speed, our top priority is to keep everyone safe and having fun. Because of this, some rides have height restrictions. Check out some of our favorite rides for kids below.

Kiddie Rides

These rides are especially designed with kiddos under 54’’ in mind. Roto-Whip is a Kiddieland classic! Because it has been shown so much love over the years, it recently has been redone so hop into one of the shiny cars and get ready to twirl.

Add Space Invasion as next on your list. This fun-filled adventure will get your imagination going as you blast off to see starry space. Lastly, test your driving skills on Midge-O-Racers. This popular ride lets the little ones get a feel for that stop-and-go rush hour traffic.  


Remember these classics? The Country Carousel will put a smile on the kids face as the older crowd is taken back in time to reminisce on their own childhood. Pick your favorite animal and hop on!

The Tilt a Whirl combines spinning and speed—there’s a reason this amusement park original has been popular since 1929. Lastly, don’t miss the Ding ’em Dodge ’em Bumper Cars for an opportunity to playfully smash and crash into family and friends.

Automobile Rides

Kringle’s Convoy allows the little ones to help Santa deliver all his presents on time. Get behind the wheel of your own semi-truck and help the jolly guy get all his gifts to good little boys and girls all over the world.

One of our favorite family rides is the Route 66 Cruisers. This attraction allows everyone to take a step back in time as anyone above 48’’ (or under 48’’ with a bit of adult help) can drive an old-fashioned car over the bridge, past the waterfall, and through the car wash. Tell the family to hop in—it’s time for a Sunday drive!

Rotating Rides

Ever wanted to ride in a hot air balloon? Balloon Racers lets you experience the excitement of this type of adventure. You’re welcomed into a basket before taking off to fly high into the trees. Don’t forget to look down and enjoy the view while you’re up there! Later on, soar into outer space on Star Jets. This rotating ride will make the kiddos feel like true astronauts as they spin and twirl.

Virtual Reality Rides

Virtual reality rides are great for kids looking for a different experience compared to a traditional amusement park ride. The Enchanted Experience VR Ride at Santa’s Village transports you to a winter wonderland adventure upon Santa’s sleigh. Put on a pair of virtual reality goggles and take a tour through Santa’s workshop as you fly through the crisp North Pole air! Visit our park today and enjoy this awesome ride!

Visit Santa’s Village

There is so much fun to be had at Santa’s Village. Now that you know all the best amusement park rides for kids, check out our park map to plan your visit. All that’s left is to schedule your visit and experience the excitement in person!

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