Visiting a Water Park with Kids: A Handy Guide for Parents

Visiting a Water Park with Kids: A Handy Guide for Parents

Spending the day at the water park can be a relaxing experience for both parents and kids. Adults can sit back and unwind at the cabanas while the kids make their way down the water slides and splash around at the wading pool. 


If it’s your first time visiting a water park with the kids, continue reading for some helpful tips that are sure to enhance your experience!

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Pack the Essentials

Before leaving for the water park, make sure you have everything  you need ready to go. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to the water park only to realize you’ve forgotten a change of clothes or towels. 


In addition to the items listed above, make sure you pack waterproof sunscreen, chapstick, water bottles, and a waterproof bag. 


Should you forget something after arriving at our water park, there are essential items for purchase at the Lifeguard Store & More, as well as, the North Pole Lot Exit Gift Shop.

Have a Plan in Place

Setting a plan in place is essential, not only so kids know what to expect but so parents can have a worry-free afternoon.  

What should the plan include? Go over the following with your family:

  • A once over of all the rules so your children know exactly what they can and cannot do.

  • A meeting spot so they know where to go if they get separated. 

  • An adult-to-child ratio set up so you can keep track of everyone. 

  • Discuss social distancing and good hygiene practices. 

A quick and simple plan will relieve any anxiety that parents are facing and kids will have an easier time adjusting to the day at the water park.

Join Us at Santa Springs


Ready to spend the afternoon at the water park? Join us at  Santa Springs in East Dundee, IL for a fun-filled day with family and friends. Our water park  includes two exhilarating 300-foot-long body slides  – Caribbean Curl & Peppermint Twist – perfect for an adrenaline rush! 

We also have an assortment of cabanas so parents can spend the afternoon lounging. Each  private cabana includes a lockbox for small valuables.

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