Water Park Safety Tips

Water Park Safety Tips

Lighthouse Harbor

We’re looking forward to seeing you this summer at Santa Springs! Before you enter our park, we’d like to provide you with some basic safety tips that you can use at any water park. It’s our mission to ensure all families are staying safe while having a blast at Santa Springs. 


Dress for the Heat

Although you’ll be cooling off in the water, the sun will still be beaming on you which means you’ll want to dress for the heat. Bring a hat (either a baseball cap or a wide brim hat) to shield your head from the sun. When you’re out of the water and lounging around, throw on a loose shirt so you’re not too exposed to the sun. If your eyes are sensitive, a pair of sunglasses will go a long way. 


Regularly Apply Sunscreen 

Apply plenty of sunscreen at least 30 minutes before visiting the water park. Opt for waterproof sunscreen but make sure you’re re-applying it every 80 minutes especially if you’ve been accidentally removing it with a towel. According to the FDA, a lip balm with SPF-15 should be applied regularly. 

Stay Hydrated

Playing in the heat can lead to dehydration for both kids and adults so make sure to sip on water throughout the day. You may be tempted to sip on sugary drinks but these can actually lead to further dehydration. Be sure to drink more water than usual because you’ll be sweating more than usual.


Pack Extra Clothes for the Drive Home

You might feel chilly by the time you leave the water park so make sure to pack some dry clothes to change into before leaving. This will stop your kids from shivering and feeling uncomfortable on the way home. 


No Running at the Water Park

This is a major rule everyone should follow and is one of the biggest reasons why people get injured. Children are eager to get in the water and zip down the slides but reassure them that there is no rush. Kids can trip and fall on the concrete, into the water, or run right into one another. Instill how important it is for kids to avoid running. 


Designate a Meeting Place

Do you have a mischievous little one? On the off chance that you separate, have a designated meeting place so no one gets lost. This will avoid you or your children from panicking if you lose each other. Consider a major structure that you can see from anywhere in the park. 


Spend the Day at Santa Springs 

Now that you’re filled in on some water park basics, spend some time perusing our site to learn about Santa Springs in East Dundee, IL. We offer several cabana packages which all include seating and a lockbox for valuables. When it comes to fun and excitement, Santa Springs has two exhilarating water slides – the Peppermint Twist and Caribbean Curl. We’re conveniently located outside of Chicago!


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