What are the Different Types of Amusement Park Rides?

Amusement parks have something for everyone in the family, whether that’s games of skill, deliciously indulgent treats, or awesome attractions. But, let’s be honest-it’s the rides that everyone is most excited about.

Would an amusement park even be an amusement park without the rides? Not at all. And the great thing about amusement park rides is there’s a ride for everyone. From kids to adults. So, let’s take a look at all of the different types of rides you can expect to see at amusement parks, like Santa’s Village. 

Types of Amusement Park Rides


The first drop of a roller coaster. The speed of a water slide. When most people think of amusement parks, the first thing that comes to mind are the thrill rides. These are the ones that everyone rushes to get in line for.

Rides like the turbulently twisted Super Cyclone Roller Coaster and our newest thrill ride, The Blizzard, are what the thrillseekers who visit Santa’s Village crave. These are the rides that get your adrenaline pumping and leave you with white knuckles. Exactly what adventurous park visitors are looking for.

For those who prefer their thrill rides to include a little water, the Caribbean Curl and the Peppermint Twist at Santa Springs give you all the excitement of a thrill ride while keeping you cool in the hot summer sun.


Not everyone who visits Santa’s Village, or any amusement park, is going to be tall enough or old enough to ride the thrill rides, though. The kiddos need something a little less intense than the Xtreme Elevation after all.

That’s where the kiddie rides come in. Kids under 54”, who aren’t big enough for the thrill rides, can still have tons of fun blasting off on the Space Invasion, or playing on the Santa’s Village classic Santa’s Tree House Slide, which has been bringing joy to multiple generations since 1959. Our amusement park rides for kids are a hit for the little ones.

If the kids want to spend the day splashing in the water, but aren’t quite big enough for the slides, then Lighthouse Harbor is for them. Dozens of water toys, two giant tipping buckets, and a two-story interactive water play structure, all make for an exciting and memorable day at Santa Springs.

Family Classics

The classics never go out of style. And that’s especially true for classic family rides. These rides stand the test of time because they’re fun for every member of the family. These are the rides that make family memories last a lifetime.

There’s nothing like taking the rest of the family on the Ding ’em Dodge ’em Bumper Cars. Whoever gets bumped most has to buy ice cream! But, if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, then maybe a scenic drive with the Route 66 Cruisers will be more your speed. And it’s fun for the kids to take the wheel and chauffeur the family around the track

Visit Santa’s Village and Santa Springs

Santa’s Village and Santa Springs have everything a family could want in an amusement park. And the best part is your tickets get you access to both! So you can spend part of the day hitting all of the rides at Santa’s Village, and then change into your bathing suits to cool off at Santa Springs.

Start planning your trip to Santa’s Village and Santa Springs for this summer!

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