What to Bring to an Amusement Park: Tips from the Pros

With warmer temperatures on the way, It’s time to start planning summer day trips and we have the perfect place in mind. Santa’s Village is ready to welcome your family back for another season of thrilling rides, sweet treats, and unforgettable memories. From coasters and Kiddieland classics to animal attractions, Santa’s Village has it all—and don’t forget, ticket holders have free access to our Santa Springs water park as well.

You may be wondering what to bring to the amusement park to be prepared for a full day of fun. And lucky for you, we are here to help you with that! Read on to find out what you’ll really need to prepare for the best day.

Bags and Backpacks

Start here: You’ll of course need something to carry your things throughout the day. If you’re wondering which bag is best to bring to an amusement park, take it from the pros: we always suggest a zipper backpack to ensure easy access and convenient carrying. Because lockers are available in multiple locations in the park, you won’t have to carry all your belongings throughout the park if you don’t want to. You can choose to utilize a locker for the things you will need less frequently such as a small cooler for your lunch or a change of clothes.

Snacks and Water

Next, the second most important thing to bring is allergy-friendly snacks and water. Each visitor is welcome to bring a reusable water bottle into the park so they are able to stay hydrated and ready for adventure all day long. We suggest bringing a few smaller snacks if you have any type of food allergy. You are able to bring these snacks and a cooler into the park for a fee. If you’re allergy-free, we have a wide variety of delicious snacks and meals for you to choose from so there’s no need to worry about packing any food. How easy is that? Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, funnel cakes, nachos, pizza, chicken tenders, grilled cheese — the list goes on and on! We surely have something to make your mouth water.

Hand Sanitizer

Here, safety is our top priority which is why we highly suggest you throw some hand sanitizer into your bag as well. While we are taking additional measures to keep the park clean and sanitary, we could always use your help. As always, we ask that you stay home if you’re not feeling your best. If this is the case, save your visit for a day when you are confident you can fully enjoy the adventure.


Hopefully, you will visit on a beautifully sunny day, making sunscreen extremely important. Keep you and your family protected from painful sunburn by being sure to reapply throughout the day (especially if you’re planning to hit the water park!) Speaking of Santa Springs, we suggest you also bring along an extra pair of clothes. While shirts and shoes are required all throughout your visit in Santa’s Village, appropriate bathing suits are needed to enter the water park area. If you’re planning to pack your day with extreme adventure by visiting both parks, you may want to bring an extra pair of dry and comfortable clothes to ensure you’re ready for the action all day long. Wondering what else to bring to the water park? We recommend a pair of sunglasses and a water friendly smartphone case so you’ll be able to capture all your family’s special moments.

Positive Attitude

Lastly, you’ll want to remember to bring a positive and respectful attitude–but you already know this won’t fit into your bag! Santa’s Village is meant to provide a fun-filled experience for everyone in your party so don’t forget to bring on the positive and cheery energy. With everything from Bumper Cars to the Country Carousel to the Balloon Race, we are confident it won’t be a challenge to keep a smile on your face.

Ready to join in on the fun? Check out our park rules for more information about your visit or buy your tickets here

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