What to Know About a Birthday Party at an Amusement Park

Birthdays are a time to make someone feel special, loved, and appreciated. They are also a time to let loose and have a bit of fun! Figuring out where to host a birthday party for your child can be overwhelming, but you’ve come to the right place. We know just the place where everyone can have fun, spend time together as a whole family, and make memories that will last a lifetime: Santa’s Village! Read on to learn how to plan a birthday party at a theme park.

Consider the Party Packages

Amusement parks for birthdays can be a great way to assure that all guests and parents are always occupied, there’s limited clean up, and your child feels special on their big day. It also can be a cheaper choice when compared to alternative options, especially when you put a budget in place and stick to it.

Santa’s Village in particular makes this super simple as they offer two different party packages.

The Do-It-YoursELF Party Package is only $349.99, and includes the following: 

  • General admission for up to 10 people to Santa’s Village Amusement Park with additional attendees able to be added at $34.99 per person
  • A voucher for a jumbo slice of pizza and a drink for each guest 
  • Free parking 

The Prancer Premium Party Package is $599.99, but allows you more time to enjoy and less things to stress about. This package includes: 

  • General admission for up to 10 people to Santa’s Village Amusement Park with additional attendees able to be added at $39.99 per person
  • For every group of 10 people, you receive 2 free admission tickets 
  • Reserved area for 90 minutes 
  • A jumbo slice of pizza and drink for each guest which is delivered to your reserved area 
  • $10 redemption card per guest 
  • Cake and present storage until the start of your party 
  • Free parking

Plan Ahead

Start by considering how many guests you are planning to invite and when you are looking to host your party. Once you’ve picked a date that works for important guests like your child’s bestie and your family, decide which party package best suits your needs. Weigh the pros and cons of each package based on convenience, budget, and individual preference. After you have decided which makes the most sense for your family, check in with the venue to confirm they have availability on your proposed date and make a reservation for your group. Next, you’ll need to send out invitations. This needs to happen well in advance of the party date so that you’re able to have a confirmed head count and add more people to your guest list if you find that some friends aren’t able to make it. Next, get excited about a fun-filled and low-stress party for your child!

Party Favors

There are so many amusement park birthday party ideas and all you need to make them come alive is a bit of creativity. Consider adopting a theme for your child’s birthday based on something they currently love. Purchase or make decorations that follow this theme and decorate an area at the amusement park where you plan to have cake and ice cream, lunch, or open presents. Create themed gift bags or party favors for the children to take home with them after the party. Be sure to create a few extras in case someone loses theirs.

Food and Cake

Pizza and drinks are included in each of the packages available at Santa’s Village so lunch is easily taken care of! However, the packages don’t include cake. This allows you to get really creative with your cake options. Follow the theme of the favors and decorations and feature the same fun idea on your cake. Choose a flavor that your child loves and consider adding ice cream in a cooler if it pleases the birthday child. Don’t forget to pack candles and matches! Also, be mindful of any dietary restrictions that your child’s friends may have and try to provide alternative options if necessary.

Have Fun!

At Santa’s Village, this isn’t difficult to do! Be sure to scope out the rides before the event so that you’ll have an idea of which rides your child enjoys most. With package options that include admission to the amusement park and water park, your day of celebration will be packed with fun things to do. Your child’s amusement park birthday party will allow them to create timeless memories with their best friends and your family. 

Ready to take the stress out of party planning and host your child’s birthday at Santa’s Village? Visit us online or contact us for more information and assistance!

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