When is the Best Time of Year to Visit an Amusement Park?

The smell of cotton candy being spun. The sound of joyful screams as a roller coaster completes its first big drop. The look on your child’s face as a big smile stretches across it. There’s not many family experiences that can top an amusement park. But don’t think you can expect the same experience no matter what time of the year you go. 

Certain parts of the amusement park season bring longer or shorter wait times for rides, bigger or smaller crowds, and different park events that can enhance the experience. So, let’s look at what you can expect out of visiting an amusement park during different times of the year.


Leaves changing colors and cooler days towards the end of the amusement park season are a great time to make a visit to your kids’ favorite park. With crowds thinned out due to schools being back in session, the wait time for rides will be significantly shorter. Which means less time for the kids to get antsy, and more time to hit every ride in the park. Maybe even twice.

Cooler temperatures also mean less risk of sunburn and heatstroke, so you can worry less about making sure the kids are drinking enough water or wearing enough sunscreen, and more time having fun as a family.
These late-season times also see many amusement parks putting on special events, like Harvest Fest at Santa’s Village, to bring more guests in as the season winds down, and provide families with unique experiences like specialty food and beverage offerings, and trick-or-treating around the park.


Most people don’t think of amusement parks as a winter activity but, there are few things that can beat walking around an amusement park bundled up, as a light snow dusts the shops and rides around you, while the kids try to catch snowflakes on their tongues in between sips of hot chocolate.

During the holidays, many amusement parks put on winter and Christmas-themed events to give visitors a special, one-of-a kind experience. Could anything make the holiday season more magical than seeing your kids’ faces light up as you drive your car under the thousands of twinkling holiday lights that are strung up across Santa’s Village during our Magical Christmas Celebration event? Enjoy over 2 million lights synchronized to holiday music, dazzling displays, live animals, and Santa himself as you drive through our park, all from the comfort of your car. It’s a memory that the whole family will be able to cherish forever.


The snow and ice are finally starting to melt, giving way to April showers and May flowers, as well as the ramping up of the amusement park season. While winter limits amusement park hours, spring sees them start to extend, giving you more time to enjoy the park with your family. 

The days aren’t too cold or too hot, so families with younger children don’t have to worry about keeping the little ones warm or spending too much time in the shade cooling them down. And don’t be afraid to break out the umbrella and bring the kids out during those rainy spring days too. Rainy days mean shorter lines for rides and plenty of opportunities for jumping in puddles.


The peak of amusement park season and what many consider the best time to visit an amusement park. The weather is perfect, and the parks are bustling with young and old alike. There’s a reason lines tend to be their longest, and crowds their largest, during the summer. Though you may be able to avoid some of the congestion by visiting on a Sunday.

Summer at many amusement parks provides an extra way for families to stay cool during those summer heatwaves. We’re talking about water parks. Why wait in line for the roller coaster in the hot summer sun, when you could jump into the wading pool, or ride the Peppermint Twist at Santa Springs, the water park at Santa’s Village? Just make sure to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Visit Santa’s Village This Year

Any time of the year is the best time to visit an amusement park but, when you should visit will depend on what you want to get out of it. So, what should you think about when planning your visit to Santa’s Village or Santa Springs? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s my family’s tolerance for lines? 
  • What’s my family’s tolerance for crowds? 
  • What’s my family’s tolerance for weather?

Answering those questions will help you decide when to plan your visit to one of our amusement parks, and you can enhance your visit by becoming a Season Pass holder! 
Season Pass holders enjoy discounts on food, beverages, merchandise, and special events like our Magical Christmas Celebration, along with so much more! You can learn more about all of the benefits Season Pass holders receive on our website.

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