Why Kids Have a Blast at Water Parks

Summer time has arrived! As the weather heats up in Illinois and humidity strikes, visitors and residents are looking for a relaxing place to cool off. Let’s take a look at some reasons why kids have a blast at the water park.

santa springs water park

Kids Stay Entertained at the Water Park

Building sand castles and riding on a boogie board only last for so long. Kids often get antsy when at the beach, especially when the sun is beating down and there’s overcrowding. At water parks, however, there’s plenty to keep kids entertained for the day. From kiddie areas to more jaw dropping slides for older children and adults, there is truly something for everyone.

Kids Can Try Something New

Water parks are a new experience for children who are used to swimming in the pool or a lake. This is the perfect opportunity for kids to try out a variety of water slides and explore new surroundings. A water slide that twists and turns can be quite exciting for a child along with oversized water features, interactive play structures and so much more.

No Icky Sand

Sand can make a trip to the beach quite uncomfortable for children. At water parks, there may be areas with sand but kids have the luxury of choosing if they want to play in it. Water parks are extremely clean so both parents and kids don’t need to worry. Children won’t need to continuously stop playing to wipe off sand!

Join Us at Santa Springs Water Park

Join us this summer at Santa Springs for a family trip to the water park! Our slides and lounge area accommodate all ages so if you want to soak up the sun while your little ones run around, our water park is the place to be. Santa Springs offers a unique Caribbean themed experience like no other. Our family-friendly water park is fully equipped with lockers, lounge chairs, cabanas and an on-site bath house.

Lighthouse Harbor

Lighthouse Harbor has an 8-inch deep wading pool along with a four lane kiddie racing slide, two giant tipping buckets and more.


Experience Caribbean Curl and Peppermint Twist, our 300-foot long body slides.


We offer three different incredible cabana packages which allow our guests to enjoy plenty of privacy! 


Standard Cabana Package: Seats up to four people 

Premium Cabana Package: Seats up to six people

Button’s Bungalow Package: Seats up to 14 people, electricity for easy charging, mini fridge, and 12 water bottles


All packages include a lockbox for small valuables! 

Lighthouse Harbor has an 8-inch deep wading pool along with a four lane kiddie racing slide, two giant tipping buckets and more.

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