Claus’ Classroom

Career Pathways

Career Pathways A day at Santa’s Village is not only a fun filled day for our guests but also an exciting and enjoyable look at career pathways that lead to the Park in many different professions! As part of your visit to the Park you will have the opportunity to discover many professions and talk …

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Mathematical Problems View Videos Below 1. Your class is taking a field trip to SVAP Write a story problem that identifies the number of students and the price per student Identify the total amount of money required to purchase access to the Park for all students. Show your computations that allowed you to determine this …

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Physics Problems View Videos Below PHYSICS VOCABULARY: Acceleration, balanced and unbalanced forces, centripetal force, energy, force, friction, gravitational force, gravity, inertia, kinetic energy, mass, momentum, Newton’s First Law of Motion, Newton’s Second Law of Motion, Newton’s Third Law of Motion, period, potential energy, speed, velocity, weight, weightlessness. 1. Sea Dragon problem: The Sea Dragon is …

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Animal/Life Science Curriculum

Animal Life Science Curriculum 1. Where in the World SKILLS: World map study, understanding geographical areas and differences that impact an animal leaving their natural habitat, transporting an animal from a natural habitat to a manmade one, understanding the importance of the design of a manmade habitat, understanding the importance of animal specific feeding plan …

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